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Meet Mosaic's Director of Setting: Nick

I’m Nick Noel, better known as Woh or @wohhhddyyy. I’ve been a climber for 6 years and a full time routesetter for the last 5. I am a Bay Area native who grew up in Oakland. My love for sports started with taekwondo, basketball, and soccer.

One day a friend brought me to a climbing gym and introduced me to bouldering. It quickly became an obsession, and all I wanted was to get better and try harder problems.

After about a year of climbing, I began to grow an interest in how these problems were created and the people who created them. I started talking to my gym’s routesetters and soon landed a job on the setting crew. Since then, I have set countless citizens competitions, numerous youth regionals and divisionals competitions, and even a few national cups.

I see routesetting as the process of creating functional pieces of art. I like to create fun, challenging, and aesthetic problems for people to solve at all levels. My goal is always to create something that can be done by people with different strengths and abilities. I try to reward technique, creativity, and problem solving in my climbs, not just pure strength.

During my free time, I love to climb outside (Tahoe, Bishop), and hang out with my two kids (Leilani, 9 and Jr., 2 months). Beyond that, you can find me at the park shooting some hoops with some good friends. I also love a good beer so you might find me at a brewery around the area enjoying the sun on a nice day.

I am stoked to be setting for the Mosaic community, and can’t wait to meet you all when we open this Fall!

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