• Zachary Wright

Meet the Mosaic Founders: Mike

I’m Mike, the co-founder of Mosaic Boulders. As a local climber (born in Berkeley, went to UC Berkeley) doing a gym in Berkeley on Telegraph Avenue is a dream come true. It’s hard to express how awesome it is to open a gym where I spent so many fantastic years.

I started climbing in the early 90s, first at CityRock, the first climbing gym in the area, and at Indian Rock (an outdoor climbing spot in North Berkeley). Back then I was a sport (route) climber, but over the years I fell in love with bouldering as well. I’ve got big dreams I hope to accomplish in both bouldering and route climbing.

As a gym owner, this is my third career! I originally trained to be a Clinical Psychologist, which I left to become a technology entrepreneur (I founded and was CEO of a company called Art.com). I learned a lot at Art.com (we had 800 employees), and I’m excited to bring together my business experience and love of climbing. I think this gym is going to be truly awesome.

Outside of climbing, I have a wonderful wife (Kye), two teenage sons (Dylan and Ethan, both at Berkeley High), and my dog, Auggie. Dylan is the other climber in the family. We travel when we can, and all of us love good food and good music.

See you in the gym soon! Looking forward to meeting everyone!

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