Hey, we're Mike & Zach, the founders of Mosaic.
We are two lifelong climbers who teamed up to bring a new vision for bouldering gyms to the East Bay.

 Why We're Here

We believe that climbing is a lifelong activity where we can make friends, build community, and stay healthy. 
Our vision is to build a neighborhood bouldering gym that shares all the positive benefits of climbing with our local community.

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Who Are We?



Mike is a lifelong climber, entrepreneur, and East Bay native. He is pursuing his dream of working with fellow climbers, contributing to the climbing community, and being around climbing as much as possible.


Zach spent the last 10 years working in California climbing gyms, primarily as a youth climbing coach. He sees climbing as an incredible vehicle for personal, athletic, and community growth.  


Nick (better known as Woh or @wohhhddyyy) is Mosaic's Director of Routesetting. A Bay Area native who has been climbing for 6 years and routesetting for 5, Woh creates climbs that test a climber's technique, creativity, and problem solving in addition to their strength. 

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Jen is Mosaic's gym manager, routesetter, and resident dog mom. She has been climbing for 11 years and is exceedingly grateful for all the people and places climbing has brought into her life. 

Why Mosaic?


"A combination of diverse elements forming a more or less coherent whole."

We think of the climbing community as a unique kind of mosaic, a collection of diverse individuals from all walks of life who come together to make something special and uniquely beautiful. We picked this name because it puts what matters most in climbing - the community - at the center of our identity. 

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