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Bouldering at Mosaic
We strive to provide a wholly unique bouldering experience with high quality, though
tful routesetting for climbers of all ability levels.

Grading/Circuit System
We use a circuit system to denote the approximate difficulty of each boulder problem in the gym. Each Circuit is comprised of roughly two V grades.

Starting a Boulder
Each boulder has a colored circuit tag placed next to the start hold(s). The color of the tag is the indicator for difficulty.

Some boulders will have a single start hold with a single tag , while others will have two start holds clustered around a single tag. Sometimes, there will be two start holds placed farther apart. In this case, there will be an additional "no-color" tag placed next to the additional start hold.

(The color of the holds does not correspond to the difficulty of the boulder.)

Finishing a Boulder
Boulders generally finish at the top of the wall unless otherwise indicated by a "top" tag.


Screen Shot 2022-09-20 at 9.55.56 AM.png


Keep the pads clear.
Please wait for your climb off the pads
Please keep your belongings  off the pads

Be aware.
When on the pads, stay clear of the fall zones
Watch for crossing paths on climbs 

Be considerate.
Communicate with those around you
Limit your attempts within your turn
No climbing shoes in the bathroom
No climbing barefoot
Don't photograph others without consent (even by accident)

Be nice.
Please treat everyone in the gym with courtesy!
Thanks so much!

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